Rewards Program

Introducing the first program that rewards you for buying made in Lebanon products.

Shop Lebanese

Encourage local production by buying locally produced items.

Upload your receipt

Take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the platform.

Get rewards

Earn points for each Lebanese lira spent on local products and get the chance to win valuable rewards.

Points calculation

For each 1,000 LBP spent on Lebanese products you earn 1 point.

Fresh items like bread, eggs, meat, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables are not included.

Lebanese brands that don't produce their items in Lebanon are not included.


Take a picture of your receipt

When taking a picture of your receipt, make sure that the receipt is clear, that it wasn't added already and that the store name and receipt date are visible.

Our partners

Thanks to our partners, our program will offer you more and more rewards.
Want to become a partner? Get in touch!

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